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Maternity Photos

Maternity Photography

I offer professional maternity photography in St. Albert, Edmonton and the surrounding area. As a maternity photographer, I will take you through a beautiful photoshoot of your pregnancy, capturing the best maternity photos you can cherish for years to come.


Maternity photography is unique since every woman's pregnancy experience is different- no two pregnancies are alike! It is a popular choice for parents-to-be who want to capture this amazing time. My job as a professional maternity photographer is to seize these moments and highlight the beauty of motherhood. The goal is to create stunning photos that last forever and that you can look at years down the line, that commemorate how beautiful you were when carrying your child.

When Should You Book A Maternity Shoot?

Maternity photography is typically booked within 28 - 36 weeks of your pregnancy. Or as early as month 7 but no later than month 8. The third trimester is the sweet spot for this type of photography, as you’ll have a nice round baby bump to show off! A photoshoot around this time range also shouldn’t be taxing on you as an expectant mother. During the photoshoot, we will have you in a variety of maternity poses to ensure we get the perfect shots that you will love!

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