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40 over 40 Project

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Celebrating the beauty and stories of the everyday woman in her 40’s, 50’s, 60’s & Beyond!

What's the 40 over 40 Project About?

I have dreamt about this for some time and I am excited to finally be announcing that I will be launching the 40 over 40 project. This project is all about women over the age of 40, celebrating their individual beauty and uniqueness irrespective of colour, shape, size or background.

Maybe up to this point in your life, you've only tried to be who people expect you to be, giving so much to others and hardly giving to yourself - not taking the time to look within, but as you experience life more and walk into those beautiful years of 40 and beyond, you begin to see different, we begin to try to live a little and let go of people's opinions.  

Family, work, children, spouse these are all great and deserve your love and attention but so do YOU because you can't give what you don't have. This project is about celebrating YOU - your struggles, your victories, your scars, your tears and your freedom. 

I think our bodies are beautiful, and I think celebrating them and being comfortable in them - no matter what are you are- is important. There shouldn't be any kind of shame or discomfort around it.     -Jennifer Aniston

It’s time to celebrate yourself, your younger version was beautiful and so is your wiser version. Life is a journey and every stage should be enjoyed and celebrated, not tolerated. Everyone knows there is an undeniable connection between looking good and feeling good. Sometimes we self-sabotage and struggle to see the beauty other people see in us which is one of the things I love to do – re-introducing people to themselves through my lens. I have seen the true joy & change of perspective this entire experience brings to the several women I have photographed in the past and I'd love for you to have it as well

How much? What's included?


I’m offering this 40 over 40 experience for a special price of $350 (Valued at $650) . This fee of $350 covers all of the following:

A styling consultation via Zoom

We’ll discuss all the details involved with the session – hair, makeup, outfits, styling, what to bring and all the little details


Professional Hair & Makeup

On the day of the shoot, you will be treated like a queen with a professional makeup and hair styling from our amazing makeup artist

Two hour Luxury Portrait Session with 3-5 different looks

I’ll be directing you every step of the way during the photo session so that you’ve got nothing to worry about – this is one of the things my clients love most about me. Our job as a team is to help you feel comfortable and enjoy the entire experience.

One 7×10 wall art print of your choice beautifully matted with the matching digital file

This is the most exciting part when you see it all come together. You will be invited back for your REVEAL appointment within 2 weeks after your photo shoot (Zoom or in-person). During the REVEAL you’ll see all your beautiful portraits and get to choose your complimentary wall art print. 

You will have the opportunity to purchase extra images you love as well during the viewing where I will also show you different products.  What you purchase is entirely up to you - my job is to take the most beautiful images of yourself you have ever seen so you want them all. Please inquire about my product menu if you would love to purchase additional images.

VIP ticket to 40 over 40 Gala Event and feature in our 40 over 40 Magazine

Once the project is completed, we will be celebrating with an exclusive Gala event showcasing one image of all the beautiful women involved in the projects. It will be a night of fun, laughter, food and dinks and inspiration as amazing women share their incredible journeys with us. You'll also be featured in my 40 over 40 magazine sharing stories of the amazing women in the project.

A portion of proceeds will be donated to a women charity organization voted by the participants in the project

In order to be part of the project, you agree to the following:

- Before and after Photos to be taken

- Participating in a guided 3-5 minute video interview about your experience

- One of your images from the project will be displayed at the Gala event

- Photos and videos taken may be used by us for promotional purposes - online and offline 


Why should I do this?

To do something empowering & transformational for yourself

To appreciate and cherish the beauty of the stage you are in and where you have been?

To acknowledge that self-love is ok

To just feel good about yourself and have fun

They say ife begins at 40, so own it and enjoy it! You're just getting started.

Here's what people are saying


Sheila, 54

 If you're wondering if you should go for it, just do it!  It was so easy with Abi posing and directing me every step of the way.

I didn't do anything special for myself when I turned 50, it was just a regular day and 4 years later I decided to do this for me

 The experience of having my photos taken by Abi, and even getting "ready" to have my photos taken was a really fun one.  She is happy, professional, personable and it was easy to relax and have fun. She helped me not feel nervous at all and the pictures were not at all what I expected! I hardly recognized myself!  I had had a hard few years, didn't always feel great about myself,  and I  felt like she put the sparkle back in my eye!