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Science Proves That Displaying Family Photos Boosts Children’s Self-Confidence

Updated: Apr 3

Did you know that family photos hold the key to unlocking your children's confidence? It's true – and the science behind it is as fascinating as it is heartwarming. Allow me to share a touching moment with you.

Picture this: March last year, I'm sitting with my youngest son, helping him tackle his homework like the supermom I am. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he shares, "Mommy, this picture makes me grateful for my family." It was a profound statement that tugged at my heartstrings, and I knew I had to capture the moment on camera. Check out the raw, unfiltered clip below – blurry bits and all!

But what inspired his heartfelt sentiment, you ask? Well, it turns out those were pictures from a few of our family photoshoot adventures – one was during a family photoshoot 5 years ago with a grandparent and the second was a studio family photoshoot for our wedding anniversary 3 years ago. He sees these pictures everyday when he walks by them and locked his gaze on one of them while doing his homework. See the family photos here

Studio Family portrait in St ALbert Edmonton
Fun family photoshoot with young kids

Now, fast forward to last week when I stumbled upon a compelling article. Turns out, my son’s heartwarming experience isn't an anomaly. Nope, it's a legit phenomenon! Parents reported their children experience increased self-esteem and stronger sense of identity from looking at printed photos.” - this was the finding of a recent study conducted by two psychology professors where 16,000 families were surveyed . It’s called The Printed Photo Impact study by HP and Chatbooks. Let me assure you, this discovery struck a chord with me personally.

Flashback to my own childhood – a beautiful portrait of my siblings and me (at the time) graced our living room wall. Seeing that photo daily filled me with an unwavering sense of confidence and love. It's probably why I always sported a grin in photos, despite my dad's teasing about my 'scattered teeth' (cheers, genetics!). I felt like the most beautiful girl in the entire world, that photo really boosted my confidence as a child which still plays a big part in my life today. Of course, there's more to building a child's self-confidence than displaying beautiful family portraits in the home, but I tell you this is a very important part of it.

Old family wall portrait
Old family photo with my siblings - can you spot me :)

But beyond sentimentality, empirical evidence dating back to 1975 underscores the profound impact of portrait photography on children's self-esteem. Talk about a confidence-boosting time capsule! A 5-week study conducted by Jerry Fryrear and Mary Ammerman of Tulane University in 1975 explored the impact of portrait photography on self-esteem in a group of 4th graders revealing a significant increase in behavioural self‐esteem of participants. Indeed, family photos boosts children’s self-confidence.

Studio Family Photoshoot Outfit ideas
Family photoshoot in jeans with young kids

So, my dear readers, if you're like me and thrive on stats and charts, feast your eyes on these insightful infographics from the study. And remember, the next time you're pondering a family photoshoot, just do it!

Source: Printed Photo Impact Report

Capture those precious moments, update that family portrait, put up those gorgeous family portraits on the wall and watch as smiles – big and small – light up your home. After all, we could all use a little extra love, warmth, and confidence in our lives. And what better way to to do this than through the magic of family photography?

Newborn Family Portrait St Albert Edmonton

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Abi is an international award-winning photographer in St Albert, Greater Edmonton Area of Alberta. She specializes in luxury portraits, family and contemporary headshots. She is an alumus of the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) and has been a professional photographer for over 13 years.

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